Brassex Inc. began in 1986 with the strong beliefs of our late founder, Gagan Nijhawan, that honesty, integrity and uncompromising determination are of the utmost importance in all aspects of life, personal or professional.

From our humble beginnings to our recognized market position today, Brassex Inc. covers Canada wide distribution of home furnishings to both national chains and independent retailers with highest level of customer service satisfaction.

With a strong network of reputable manufacturers and a dedicated sourcing department we’re able to feature product lines that offer diversity and variety for every price point, while ensuring our quality control is held to the highest levels of industry standards.

Wholly Canadian owned and operated, Brassex Inc. proudly employs staff and sales representatives that share in our unyielding dedication to service excellence, to inquire about sales representation in your area, please visit our ‘Contact Us’ page.

Please note we’re a trade only company servicing retailers with store fronts only, no end consumers are permitted in our showroom at any time. If you’d like to purchase something for your home or office, please email us at info@brassexinc.com and we’ll happily direct you to the closest retailer near you.