Brassex Inc. Our late founder, Gagan Nijhawan, established Brassex Inc. in 1986. He believed that that honesty, integrity and uncompromising determination are of the utmost importance in all aspects of life, personal or professional. Gagan’s vision fueled the growth of Brassex from its humble beginnings to its current position as a recognized market leader in home and office furnishings.

Today, Brassex is a trusted supplier to national Fortune 500 retail chains and independent retailers across Canada and the USA. Our cutting-edge business and distribution systems allow for real time inventory and online website stock allocation capabilities, with automatic order acknowledgements and shipping notifications. With our fully EDI-capable technologies, Brassex Inc. strives to always provides the highest level of customer service satisfaction, with the highest level of efficiency. To inquire about sales representation in your area, please visit our Meet Our Team page.

Wholly Canadian owned and operated, Brassex Inc. values its staff and sales representatives like family. Our team shares in our founder’s unyielding dedication to service excellence. We offer competitive salaries and benefits packages, and we encourage vibrant, energetic individuals to send resumes and statements of interest to careers@brassexinc.com.

Please note: we are a trade-only company servicing retailers with e-commerce platforms and store fronts only. No end consumers are permitted in our showroom at any time. If you’d like to purchase something for your home or office, please email us at info@brassexinc.com and we’ll happily direct you to the closest retailer near you.